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09 May 23

Why choose a "Cure Libre" package?

Programming your free spa treatment is much simpler and faster than the traditional contracted treatment.

This is why it is particularly intended for all those whose schedule mobilizes :

  • working people, teleworkers, freelancers,
  • craftsmen and merchants,
  • pre-retirees, young grandparents...


Ease and simplicity

To benefit from a free cure, it is not necessary to obtain a medical prescription, nor to take the steps to request reimbursement from your Health Insurance.
Freed from these administrative constraints, you save between 3 weeks and 2 months , and can organize your cure, your stay and your absence in just a few hours . This format is ideal if you don't have time to waste on tedious organization or if you want to go quickly for a cure.

Flexibility and adapted duration

By choosing a free spa treatment, you are not constrained by the 3-week format (compulsory in the context of reimbursement by Health Insurance). It's up to you to choose the duration that suits you best, from 5 days .
For example, you can easily slip your cure into a week's vacation, or continue to work from home, while benefiting from your care (1h30/day).

Medical expertise

Our free cures are in all respects identical to the agreed cures , with the exception of their duration. Thus, you are guaranteed to benefit from the best of thermal medicine .

You start when you want

In the centers of the Chaîne Thermale du Soleil, you are free to choose the day that suits you best to start your treatments , from Monday to Saturday.

You choose whether you want a medical follow-up ... or not

Contrary to the approved cure, it is not obligatory to consult one of the spa doctors of the center to obtain your prescription for spa treatments . If you do not wish to benefit from this service (by appointment, at an additional cost), you can present a medical certificate and choose the treatment program you will follow yourself.


budget issue

Refunded...not refunded...
The Budget of your free spa treatment

Free thermal cures are not eligible for reimbursement by Health Insurance, unlike 18-day conventional cures, which are reimbursed up to 65% for the thermal care package and 70% for the medical follow-up package.

However,because of its shorter duration, your free treatment may prove to be less expensive than its long and reimbursed version.


Budget Cure Libre Rheumatology 5 days

  • spa treatment package = 350 €
  • medical follow-up = 0 € (choice to present a certificate)
  • 6 nights accommodation in a 3* residence in May = €570
  • amount covered by Health Insurance = 0 €
  • Total payable by you = €920


Budget Rheumatology Convention Cure 18 days


  • RH1 spa treatment package = €585.66 (€347.59 covered*)
  • medical follow-up = €80 (€56 covered*)
  • accommodation for 20 nights in a 3* residence in May = €1,020
  • amount covered by Health Insurance = €403.59
  • Total payable by you = €1,282.07


All practical information

  • Whether it is under agreement or free, your spa treatment takes place the same way every day: a duration of around 1h30 and a course of 4 spa treatments (or 6 treatments for the Respiratory Pathways treatments) .
  • The detail and description of the treatments for each program is indicated on each cure sheet (one station>one cure)
  • If your state of health requires it or if you want to make sure that your treatment program adapts perfectly to your needs, you can benefit from a medical consultation*, before your cure. The doctor will then prescribe the selection of the most suitable treatments.
    The thermal center does not take care of this process, it is up to you to make an appointment.
    The list of spa doctors and their contact can be found on the mini-site of each center ("spa doctors" section)
    This medical consultation is invoiced in addition, directly by the spa doctor who exercises as a liberal.
    Indicative price: 30-35 €
  • The pre-cure medical consultation is not mandatory (although recommended). If you do not wish to benefit from it, a medical certificate of no contraindication to the spa treatment must imperatively be given to us before the start of the treatment.
    In addition, a pre-treatment questionnaire, sent 15 days before your arrival , will allow you to choose the appropriate therapeutic program .
  • Need more information ? contact our Customer Service
  • 01 42 65 24 24

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Sans titre

Sans titre

09 May 23

Cures Libres

Without medical prescription,
free duration from 5 days, free duration between 5 and 18 days & from 350 €


A medical cure in short format

Because we don't all have the opportunity to take 3 weeks for our health, the Centers of the Chaîne Thermale du Soleil offer a "free" thermal cure format lasting from 5 to 18 days .

To benefit from a Cure Libre, it is not necessary to obtain a medical prescription , nor to carry out the administrative procedures for taking charge.
This much more flexible format allows you to organize your cure more easily, taking your schedule into account. For example, you can easily slip it into a vacation or vacation period .


15 targeted care programs

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Massalia au Mas de la Crémaillère

Massalia au Mas de la Crémaillère

09 May 23

Discover the Massalia Restaurant!

This table , whose menu is inspired by seasonal products from southern markets , makes you rediscover traditional regional dishes.

The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner.

Massalia offers a delicious collection of recipes on its table,
born in Provence and on the shores of the Mediterranean .

The Massalia restaurant is located opposite the Verdon, at Mas de la Crémaillère.